Preventative maintenance

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An ounce of prevention is worth a pound to cure.

The larger the hotel the easier it is for small issues to be overlooked. There are always bigger more immediate issues that need attention. Repairs happen when it is either overtly obvious and causing an inconvenience to the guest or corporate office is coming to do an inspection.

This is where we come in. Depending on your needs we come on site as often as needed with the right hardware and tools and inspect and repair the outdoor furniture.

Doing repairs on site as much as possible keeps the furniture in use especially during high season. It prevents further damage to the furniture like bent frames, scratched paint, and torn fabric. It also prevents a pile up of broken furniture in storage, and most importantly prevents furniture from being thrown out when the boss is not looking. Yes! The last example we actually hear and see happen from time to time.
Minor issues are fixed on the spot.
Loose or broken bolts
Missing feet glides
Stains on frames or fabric
Recommendations on cleaning methods

Umbrella Repair

Lets face it. Umbrellas fall over and break. They are sometimes carelessly moved around and used with a little less care than if they were our own.
This is an area where we save our clients a lot of money. Especially if they are needing to replace more than ten or fifteen. When a batch of umbrellas are in overall good condition it worth comparing the cost of fixing them as opposed to buying new. We have the knowledge to track down the right parts and make the needed repairs.

Fixable repairs:
Broken Ribs
Torn Canopy
Replace Canopy
Missing hardware
Broken Pockets

Making the repairs in a timely manner prevents further damage to the umbrella. When umbrella repairs are not addressed they are again removed from use, placed in storage where they experience more neglect and damage. When enough of them are accumulated they are thrown out.

Umbrellas that are continually used while broken :
cause further damage to the canapoy
Tearing of the fabric
Create unsafe conditions for guests
Tacky apperance
Consulting Old