What is the turnaround time? Current lead time is approximately three weeks, including the time to get you a custom quote, review your fabric choices with you, and order your fabric if we don’t have it in stock. We don’t need your furniture until we’re ready to get to work on it.

Is there a minimum charge? We have a $300 minimum during our busiest season, May-October.

What is the delivery area? We serve all of San Diego County.

Is there a warranty? We provide a two year warranty on the sling material itself. If there is significant fading or sagging we will replace the material free of charge. The stitching is covered for 5 years. If the sling pulls out of the sling rail due to the failure of the stitching, we will remove the slings and make the repairs.

What if we cannot identify our furniture? A few pictures from different angles will usually solve this question. Because this is our only business, most of the time we can identify the style and manufacturer based on previous experience. We will also advise you on the value of your furniture so that you can decide if it is worth reinvesting in.

What caused my slings to fall apart? Exposure to sunlight is the number one factor. The fabric fades, becomes brittle, and eventually tears. Other factors are pool chemicals, sun tanning oils and lotions, and inferior material. While the fabric is strong and can hold the weight of a person, as it ages it becomes weaker. Be gentle with the fabric. Sitting down hard, stepping on it, or allowing children to use it like a jungle gym can cause the material to tear. To determine if your material is badly worn, you can look for the following signs: significant fading, disintegrating stitching, separation at stress points, and crunchiness. Compare the exposed surfaces of the fabric to the underside to determine how much fading has occurred. Also, you can take the palms of your hands and gently push down on the fabric- if you hear a little crunchy sound, this means it is becoming more brittle and should be used with a little more caution, or it might be time to replace the sling.

Is your fabric the same quality as the manufacturers? Yes. Manufacturers do not make their own sling fabric. They source fabric from fabric mills. We get our fabric from the same mills through different distributors. We will have some fabrics which are the same as manufacturers, and some that are different. Manufacturers sometimes offer proprietary fabrics, and we are unable to provide those to you. However, we offer many fabrics not available through manufacturers. Through our experience we have identified materials with the best longevity and value.

How many fabrics are available? We have over 30 fabric choices, including earth tones, stripes, woven wickers, and solids: a fresh, contemporary selection for your patio. It is rare that we cannot provide a new fabric that is suitable and satisfying to the customer.

How is my information used? Please see our Privacy Policy for more information on how your information is used and protected.